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no votes is your source for the highest quality once-fired brass. Our brass is as good as new and fires consistently. Try us!

Through much trial and error, I developed a process to consistently take once-fired brass and transform it into “as good as new brass” at a fraction of the price, and as a way to help fund my obsession, I started selling brass to friends. Because like-minded people tend to gravitate towards each other, it didn’t take long before I was selling brass to people I had never met. This web site is, hopefully, just an extension of like-minded people who may want to buy brass from me. I want to help continue the tradition, enjoyment, and community that come with hand-loading your own ammunition. After all, I don’t want my son to be the only one left at the range.

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Address: PO Box 290 Olivet MI 49076
Phone: (517) 652-9443
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