Ammo Shortage
After you have been through a couple of these cycles you will learn some things about politics and ammo.

1st, every time you see some ammo you should pick up a box or two. You will shoot it eventually or in a crisis like this one you will have ammo to practice with or ammo to trade for things like food and water. Ammo is always going to be an important commodity.

2nd, I think the prices are very high for what is available. I think the price will come back down eventually and availability will increase. Remember we usually go through this when we have a Presidential Election (hint hint). We have also been hit with 10 days of riots around the country. This puts pressure on the supply of ammo all over the country. Don’t pay those high prices you are seeing on the web. All you are doing is helping people take advantage of you and all the rest of us. The price will come down and you will be able to purchase ammo again at a reasonable price.

Ammunition prices are high and availability is low. If you watch some of the local stores you can get some ammo at reasonable prices.

Sportsmans Warehouse and Big R have been getting in some shipments. You need to check ammunition availability in the mornings. Some of the stores have put limits on the number of boxes you can buy. Bam Bam Firearms in the Regency shopping center has also had some ammo on occasion.