Remington Ammo Remington-Big Green Is Back
Remington- Big Green Is Back making ammunition 24-7. This will put some ammunition on the shelves of empty gun
New Gun Safety Rules TACTICAL TIP — Watch out for the Tail Gunner
TACTICAL TIP-Watch the Tail Gunner by Alan Korwin, Bloomfield Press It's not hard to catch many gun owners in this trap. Walk them through a mental exercise about home self defense. Mentally set up an assault scenario, and let them come out the victor. Surprise them at the end with the idea that the goon they beat had an accomplice they didn't see or even think about, and they end up losing. Works almost every time. United States Concealed Carry's excellent magazine adds a novel
New Gun Safety Rules New Gun Safety Rules
New Gun Safety Rules Released After You Shoot lights up deadly loophole in self-defense law Dial 911 and fry? How to not convict yourself after shooting in self defense by Alan Korwin, Author Gun Laws of America Protection of the innocent is at stake Protection of the innocent is at stake A new set of firearm-safety rules has been introduced. The classic gun-safety rules used nationwide for decades were designed for two main purposes. First are the safe-gun-handling and
ammunition availability Ammunition Availability
Availability Down, Prices High Ammo Shortage After you have been through a couple of these cycles you will learn some things about politics and ammo. 1st, every time you see some ammo you should pick up a box or two. You will shoot it eventually or in a crisis like this one you will have ammo to practice with or ammo to trade for things like food and water. Ammo is always going to be an important commodity. 2nd, I think the prices are very high for
Gun Safety gun safety difficult lesson
Washington Post Journalist Learns What Happens When You Violate Basic Gun Safety Rules Washington Post journalist David Fahrenthold learned a very difficult lesson about what happens when you ignore the four gun safety rules. JANUARY 7, 2017 By Sean Davis In February of 2015, I wrote what I thought was a helpful guide for journalists who wished to have a better understanding of guns and gun laws throughout the U.S. Entitled “14 Things Everyone Should Understand About Guns,” the
Pueblo Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit
Pueblo Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit More and more people are buying guns and receiving handgun training in Pueblo, Colorado. Pueblo has many good places to buy a handgun and some great places to shoot and learn all aspects of a Concealed Handgun Permit. One of the places to get some great training is Rick Sindeband at Have Gun Will Train Colorado. He is currently training his students on the best gun handling techniques and firearm safety that top Instructors use around the
Places to Shoot near Pueblo Colorado
Places to Shoot near Pueblo Colorado are numerous and easy to find.  Some are indoor and several are outdoor facilities. Places to Shoot near Pueblo Colorado Indoors Pueblo Municipal Shooters is the one of the places to shoot near Pueblo Colorado where indoor shooting is allowed. Pistols and Revolvers up to a maximum power of .44 mag with no shotshells allowed to be shot of any kind, rimfire rifles can be shot on the indoor 50 foot range that has 10 lanes and is open to the public Tuesday
Colorado Newspaper Misstates Background Check Law To Defend Gun Activist’s Lie
More than six months after two Colorado state senators were recalled over their support for stronger gun safety legislation, Colorado newspaper The Pueblo Chieftain continues to push false information to defend supporters of the recall. Controversy in Colorado has erupted over the February 3 testimony of primary recall organizer Victor Head before the Colorado Senate State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee. In calling for the repeal of a 2013 law that created a requirement for
Colorado poll: Majority favor allowing staff to carry guns in school
The idea of arming public school employees gained traction in a poll released Wednesday, a week before lawmakers hear testimony on a bill that would allow Colorado school districts to permit adults to carry guns inside classrooms. Fifty percent of Coloradans support allowing teachers to be armed inside schools, while 45 percent remained in opposition, according to the Quinnipiac poll in the pollster's first look at the issue since a gunman walked into Arapahoe High School in December and
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