OC/Pepper Spray

OC/Pepper Spray Training Have Gun Will Train Colorado is now offering OC/Pepper Spray Training on your schedule. Pepper Spray is a non-deadly force tool used in a situation where a firearm would not be appropriate. Call for training opportunities and for sales of the product we are using every day. Many self-defense tools in Colorado are considered a weapon (tasers, stun guns, batons) which means you can be charged with a crime for their use. Training Classes Available We sell the most... Read More

august 2020 free gun cleaning class

2021 Free Gun Cleaning Class Not all firearms are easy to clean. If you have never cleaned a gun before or are new to guns, or if you are having trouble disassembling or reassembling your firearm when you clean it, then you will want to come to one of our comprehensive classes on gun cleaning. May free gun cleaning class is designed to help the gun owner learn and understand the best possible way to clean their particular firearm. Learn from a knowledgeable instructor that has over 50... Read More

Have Gun Will Train Colorado

Concealed Carry Training Class held on your schedule by Instructor Rick Sindeband. This is the most popular class in Souther Colorado for Concealed Carry and Gun... Read More

Colorado Concealed Carry

Colorado Concealed Carry Training Classes on your schedule. This class is the most popular concealed handgun training class of its type. In business for 10 years and have trained thousands of gun owners for concealed carry and gun safety. Sign Up Today   Rick Sindeband Certified Pistol Instructor/Colorado Concealed Carry Pueblo, CO... Read More