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TACTICAL TIP — Watch out for the Tail Gunner

TACTICAL TIP-Watch the Tail Gunner

by Alan KorwinBloomfield Press

It’s not hard to catch many gun owners in this trap. Walk them through a mental exercise about home self defense. Mentally set up an assault scenario, and let them come out the victor. Surprise them at the end with the idea that the goon they beat had an accomplice they didn’t see or even think about, and they end up losing. Works almost every time.

United States Concealed Carry’s excellent magazine adds a novel wrinkle — the Tail Gunner. That’s the hoodlum in the restaurant, planted there before a stickup, to act like just another victim and keep watch for undercover cops — or CCW heroes — to take them out. It’s yet another good reason to generally prefer a seat with your back to a wall, with a view of the room, near an exit, and to avoid being a freelance police officer. Besides, it’s better for ogling. Am I allowed to say that? New gun safety rule from my recent book After You Shoot: “It’s always better to avoid a gun fight than to win one.” If innocent life doesn’t immediately depend on it, hold your fire. Click the link, read more.

Alan Korwin wrote his first book, The Arizona Gun Owner’s Guide, in 1989. It is now in its 25th edition with nearly 200,000 copies in print. He went on to write or co-write nine more books on gun laws, including state guides for California, Florida, Texas and Virginia, and the unabridged federal guides Gun Laws of America and Supreme Court Gun Cases. His 11th book, which debuted in 2008, is The Heller Case: Gun Rights Affirmed!, and his 12th, After You Shoot, is about the deadly loophole in self-defense law. He recently completed Your First Gun, for people new to gun ownership, and for gun owners to give to their gunless friends.

With his wife Cheryl he operates Bloomfield Press, the largest publisher and distributor of gun-law books in America. His website,, features a free National Directory to every gun law in the country and more than 300 books and DVDs for gun owners and the freedom movement. Alan’s blog,, is carried by scores of paper and online outlets. Rumors about his outrageous political parody band, The Cartridge Family, cannot be confirmed.


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